Symma guarantees part of your blockchain investment!

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You can start your investment with any value!

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50% is converted to Symmas and deposited in your personal Wallet, guaranteeing part of your investment.


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The other 50% is sent to Etherdam and used for currency boosting.

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We guarantee part of your investment, read more about it here!

Symma's ballast is based on 1% Ether, one of the most reputable cryptocurrencies on the market today, so your Symmas will always be disturbed by Ether's oscillation, and may reach 10% of Ether's value with this appreciation. your Symmas are worth more.

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We think of you!

We are designing and developing our ecosystem so you can have more liquidity for your Symmas and use them in a variety of ways. Learn more about our plan.